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Allen + Roth 10-in W x 10-in L Traditional White Composite Ceiling Medallion Reviewa

Adding a stylish focal point to your ceiling can completely transform the look and feel of a room. One of the easiest ways to dress up your ceiling is by installing a decorative medallion. Medallions add elegance and visual interest to any space. They are commonly used in entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

The allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion is an affordable and versatile option to consider. This traditional style medallion features a clean white composite material with intricate scrollwork design. At 10 inches in diameter, it is well-sized to enhance most lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. The composite material is smooth and durable, making this an ideal choice.

In this extensive review, we will cover everything you need to know about the allen + roth White Ceiling Medallion. First, we will discuss the key features and benefits of this product. Next, we will provide detailed specifications including dimensions, materials and warranty information. We will also evaluate how this medallion compares to other similar options on the market. Finally, we will provide helpful installation tips and discuss where you can purchase this ceiling décor.

If you are looking to upgrade your ceiling with a touch of sophistication, keep reading to learn why the allen + roth 10-in White Medallion could be the perfect solution for your space. Installing this budget-friendly medallion is a simple DIY project that can completely change the look of your room.

Product Highlights and Benefits

The allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion offers homeowners an easy and affordable way to elevate their ceilings. Here are some of the key benefits that this medallion provides:

Versatile, Neutral Design

The traditional scrollwork and crisp white color of this medallion allows it to fit into nearly any style of home. It will complement color palettes from bold and dramatic to light and airy. The versatile look suits traditional homes as well as contemporary spaces.

Quality Composite Construction

Made from composite wood, this medallion is durable and longer-lasting than many plastic medallion options. The material composition resists cracking, peeling and deteriorating over time. The white finish features a smooth, consistent surface that will hold up well even in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Perfect Size for Most Applications

With a 10-inch diameter, this medallion works well with most light fixtures and ceiling fans. The size is substantial enough to make a statement without overpowering a room. For larger chandeliers and statement fixtures, multiple medallions can be grouped together.

Easy Installation Process

This medallion includes folded tabs around the perimeter that allow for straightforward installation using adhesive. No specialty tools or hardware are required. Complete instructions are provided for reference. Most homeowners can have this medallion installed in less than an hour.

Budget-Friendly Price Point

Priced at under $15, this medallion is very affordable. Compared to similar composite medallions, it is an excellent value. The price point makes this medallion accessible as a simple weekend upgrade or as part of a larger ceiling makeover project.

Coordinates with Other allen + roth Products

Homeowners who have used other allen + roth interior products will appreciate how this medallion coordinates within the whole product line. Mixing and matching different pieces and finishes is made easy.

Boosts the Visual Appeal of the Ceiling

This medallion is an effortless way to draw the eye upwards and accentuate architectural details. It hides unsightly electrical boxes, pipes, vents and construction flaws. The medallion can be used on its own or paired with additional trim and lighting for a fully dressed-up ceiling.

Overall, the allen + roth 10-in White Ceiling Medallion offers a fuss-free way to elevate your lighting fixtures and improve your ceilings. For a relatively inexpensive price, this versatile medallion can make a major impact in your home’s decor.

Product Specifications

Understanding the specifications and details of the allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion allows you to determine if it is suitable for your space and needs. Below are the key technical specs for this product:


The medallion has an overall diameter of 10 inches. The inner cutout diameter in the center is 3.88 inches wide, which fits standard light fixture mounting brackets and ceiling fan hangers. The medallion itself has a thickness of 0.5 inches.

Material Composition

This medallion is constructed from a composite material made of wood fibers and resins. The composite materials make it more durable and longer-lasting than plastic medallions.

Finish and Color

A painted white finish is applied to all visible surfaces. The white has a slight gloss sheen when viewed up close. The consistent solid white finish complements a wide range of decor styles.

Installation Method

Foldable tabs are pre-attached around the outer edge of the medallion. These tabs allow for easy installation using adhesive. The manufacturer recommends a construction adhesive, double-sided mounting tape or silicone adhesive.

Hanging Weight

This lightweight medallion weighs less than 1 pound, making overhead installation easy and secure with the appropriate adhesive choice.

Paintable Surface

The white composite material can be painted if desired. Light sanding may be required before applying a fresh coat of latex or oil-based paint.

Designed for Indoor Use

This medallion is intended for indoor ceiling applications only. It should be kept dry and away from excessive moisture.

Warranty Details

No warranties are provided by the manufacturer. However, given the quality composite material and construction, this medallion should provide lasting performance with proper installation and care.

Compliance Information

The medallion meets California Proposition 65 regulations for indoor products. No harmful chemicals are present.

With its versatile 10-inch size, composite wood construction and easy adhesive installation, the allen + roth White Ceiling Medallion is designed for straightforward enhancement of most indoor ceilings. The specifications make it a practical choice for DIYers.

Comparable Products and Alternatives

The allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion delivers an attractive high-end look at a wallet-friendly price point. How does it compare to other similar products on the market? Here are a few top competitors and alternatives:

• Home Depot Project Source 10-in Polyurethane Medallion – Very similar in size, shape and design. Made of more lightweight polyurethane material instead of composite. Typically costs about $5 more than the allen + roth version.

•smallcaps 10-in Flat Round Foam Ceiling Medallion – Has an ultra-minimalist flat profile rather than detailed scrollwork. Made of polystyrene foam. Usually costs between $10-15. More modern, less traditional styling.

• Artika 10-in Geometric PVC Medallion – Features a faceted geometric design for a contemporary look. Made of plastic/PVC. Around the same price as the allen + roth option. Unique style stands out more.

• Monroe 10-in MDF Medallion – Constructed from medium density fiberboard (MDF). Has an intricately layered geometric design. Paintable surface. Costs $25-40. More upscale, substantial look and feel.

• smallcaps 10-in Polyurethane Italian Rococo – Ornate molded design inspired by Italian Rococo style. Made of polyurethane. Costs $20-30. Ideal for traditional, old world or Mediterranean spaces.

• smallcaps 12-in Corbel Medallion – Larger 12-inch hand carved gypsum medallion. Features a central cherub/corbel accent. Much more substantial presence. Costs around $60. Great for grand entryways.

The allen + roth medallion holds its own against these alternatives that range from basic to decadently elegant. For budgets under $20, it remains a top choice that can fit classic to contemporary aesthetics. The white composite material gives it an advantage over plastic and foam options when longevity is a key factor.

Helpful Installation Tips

Installing the allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion is a straightforward process. But careful prep work and proper installation techniques will ensure it looks great and performs as expected. Here are some helpful tips:

Prep the Ceiling Surface

  • Make sure the ceiling area is clean and dry. Remove any debris or dust.
  • Repair any cracks, holes or imperfections. Use spackling compound to smooth uneven areas. Sand if needed.
  • Prime and paint the ceiling if refreshing the area with color. Allow paint to fully cure before medallion installation.

Determine Exact Positioning

  • Hold the medallion in place and mark the desired location with a pencil. Make sure it is centered on the ceiling fixture or feature below.
  • Check that overhead wiring or plumbing will not interfere with medallion placement. Adjust location if needed.

Choose Suitable Adhesive

  • Opt for a high-strength construction adhesive, silicone adhesive or double-sided mounting tape.
  • Avoid lightweight glues or tapes that may not hold the medallion over time.
  • Be sure to use an adhesive compatible with the medallion’s composite material.

Attach Medallion to Ceiling

  • Run a continuous bead of adhesive around the backside perimeter of the medallion.
  • Carefully press into position, maintaining even pressure as the adhesive makes contact.
  • Use painter’s tape to temporarily hold the medallion for the first few hours as adhesive dries.
  • For tapes, thoroughly press all areas of the medallion to maximize adhesion.

Check Alignment and Adjust

  • Look at medallion position from multiple angles to ensure it is straight and level.
  • If adjustment is needed, carefully slide medallion into proper alignment. Do not pull completely off the ceiling.
  • Allow adhesive to fully cure for 24-48 hours before attaching lighting fixture.

Add Decorative Touches

  • Consider painting the medallion to match your color scheme, if desired.
  • Add trim molding around the outer edge for a finished built-in look.
  • Layer two or three medallions together for a dramatic stacked effect.

Take your time preparing the ceiling surface and choosing the appropriate adhesive for a long-lasting installation. Use care when pressing the medallion into place to prevent the need for realignment later. This easy install project can quickly upgrade your ceiling!

Where to Buy and Price

The allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion typically retails for $13.98. It can be conveniently purchased online through the Home Depot website or in Home Depot stores across the United States and Canada.

Online Purchase
For easy online ordering, the product is available for delivery or in-store pickup via the Home Depot website. Simple search for “allen + roth medallion” or use the SKU number 747982 to pull up the correct product page. Home Depot offers free 1-3 day shipping on most orders over $45, and discounted shipping under $45. Return policies are flexible when ordering online.

The Home Depot mobile app also makes it simple to buy this medallion while on the go. Download the app and you can conveniently browse, purchase, and choose delivery or pickup options. Shopping through the app provides easy access to online-only deals and savings opportunities.

In-Store Shopping
To buy in person, visit any Home Depot store location and head to the lighting section. There you will find an assortment of allen + roth fixtures and accessories including this white ceiling medallion. Stores typically keep this medallion in stock on the retail floor for immediate purchase. If not available, ask an associate to check inventory for quick restocking.

The advantage of in-store buying is being able to inspect the medallion quality and size prior to purchase. You also avoid any shipping costs. Home Depot provides in-store price matching if you happen to find it cheaper elsewhere.

Availability and Pricing Checks
Before heading to Home Depot, check online for local store inventory availability and current pricing. Periodic sales and promotions can bring the cost of the medallion down a few dollars below the regular $13.98 list price. Home Depot also lists any manufacturer discounts or rebates available. Signing up for their email list can provide access to exclusive online-only savings.

For the best value on a quality composite ceiling medallion, the allen + roth 10-in White option is hard to beat. Convenient online ordering through Home Depot’s website or smartphone app enables easy access for shoppers across the U.S. and Canada. Or visit a nearby Home Depot in person to see and purchase this versatile medallion.


The allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion is an excellent budget-friendly option for homeowners wanting to add elegant style to their ceilings and lighting fixtures. The traditional medallion design featuring intricate scrollwork and a glossy white finish complements a wide range of decors from classic to contemporary. Quality composite construction ensures long-lasting durability and performance.

With a diameter of 10 inches, this medallion works well with most ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. It is substantial enough to stand out but not overpower a space. Installation is made easy thanks to fold out tabs that allow secure adhesive mounting. The lightweight medallion can be installed by a single person in under an hour in most cases.

Compared to plastic, foam and polyurethane medallion alternatives, the composite material of the allen + roth medallion provides a higher quality finished look and feel. While more ornate, carved medallions exist for premium prices over $50, this white medallion provides pleasing elegance and sophistication at everyday affordable pricing.

Currently priced at $13.98 from Home Depot, this medallion falls at the lower end of cost while still delivering style and versatility. Budget-minded homeowners can feel confident selecting this medallion to elevate their space. Convenient online and in-store purchasing options make Home Depot the ideal retailer for accessing this must-have ceiling décor product.

If your goals are to draw the eye upward, accent your lighting, hide ceiling flaws, and add a touch of grace to your rooms, then the allen + roth 10-in White Composite Ceiling Medallion is an excellent solution. The simple design, quality craftsmanship, and value pricing check all the boxes for an easy and dramatic ceiling upgrade. Visit Home Depot today to find your perfect medallion and take your decor to the next level.

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