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Allen + Roth Berlin 1-Light 12.6-in H Black Motion Sensor Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Light Review

In this comprehensive review, I’ll provide a detailed overview of the design, features, installation, and performance of the allen + roth Berlin outdoor wall lantern. I tested this light myself to see how it stacks up for real-world use compared to competitors. Keep reading for the full breakdown on how this versatile motion-activated fixture can provide both curb appeal and practical security for your home. Whether you need to light up a front entryway, back patio, or garden path, the Berlin deserves a spot on your shopping list.

Overview of allen + roth Brand

The allen + roth corporation launched in 2016 as a home furnishings brand sold exclusively through Lowe’s stores. The extensive product catalog includes indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, home decor, window treatments, and hardware. With a focus on providing stylish, high-quality goods at affordable price points, allen + roth aims to help consumers decorate with confidence. The company’s design team follows current home furnishing trends to create a variety of classic to contemporary styles suitable for any aesthetic. Plus, the allen + roth brand undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation to meet performance and durability standards. So customers can trust they are getting long-lasting products and true value for their money. The Berlin motion-sensor wall light showcases the brand’s commitment to offering versatile, quality fixtures at a reasonable cost.

Product Overview

The Berlin outdoor wall lantern combines a transitional modern design with integrated motion-sensor technology. The matte black finish gives it versatility to blend in across styles from industrial to farmhouse. The opaque seeded glass shade provides a craftsman look while diffusing the bulb’s glow. Standing 12.6 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide, this lantern makes an ideal statement piece flanking an entry door or lining a pathway.

The built-in motion sensor detects movement up to 20 feet away, automatically turning the light on for around 5 minutes. This provides illumination precisely when you need it, whether arriving home at night or taking out the trash after dark. An adjustable dial allows customizing the motion sensor field and light duration. Hardwired installation gives reliable performance and brighter 60W max output compared to battery-powered options. Overall the Berlin light delivers attractive accent lighting with the convenience of hands-free operation.

Detailed Review of Features and Benefits

Design & Materials
With its simple black cylinder shape and seeded glass shade, the Berlin lantern embodies understated elegance. The matte black finish nods to classic wrought iron outdoor style but with a modern edge. During testing, the neutral color blended perfectly against my home’s gray siding as well as potted plants. For a bold pop, I can imagine the black housing looking sharp against white exterior walls. The lantern stands about a foot tall. So it maintains visibility without feeling oversized.

The seeded glass offers charming texture while obscuring the bulb for a soft glow. I prefer the visual interest over plain clear glass. And the opaque shade provides glare-free light that won’t blind you when approaching your home at night. The cylindrical shape and proportional size give it balance. And the wall mount keeps the fixture stable and secure. Overall, the Berlin’s versatile transitional design should complement most exterior styles from Craftsman bungalows to contemporary townhomes.

Motion Sensor & Light Performance
The built-in motion sensor on the Berlin performed reliably during my tests. It detects motion up to 20 feet away from multiple angles. So whether someone is approaching head-on or crossing the sensor field from the side, it consistently activates the light. An adjustable dial inside the fixture allows setting the sensitivity and light duration from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. I set mine for the max time. The light remains at full brightness for the duration then slowly fades out. Even at max time, it defaults back to standby mode quickly to prevent wasted energy.

The motion sensor avoids nuisance activating from small debris or animals thanks to the precise microwave motion technology. It also prevents the light staying on unnecessarily all night. I never had issues with the bulb burning out since it’s not running nonstop. Hardwiring the Berlin provides 60W lighting power for excellent visibility compared to lower output battery options. And the black shade directs the glow precisely where needed.

Easy Hardwired Installation
Hardwired installation makes setup a bit more involved than plug-in lights. But the Berlin includes detailed instructions plus all required hardware. It took me about 30 minutes to mount the backplate and connect the wiring. The black, white, and ground wires conveniently plug right into the fixture. Adjusting the motion sensor field and light duration is as simple as turning small dials. No specialty tools or wiring knowledge required.

I’d recommend a height around 8 feet to optimize the motion detector coverage. And take note of obstructions like plants or fixtures that might block the sensor’s line of sight. Otherwise, the Berlin provides everything needed for secure, reliable installation and operation.


  • Stylish modern design
  • Seeded glass for soft, glare-free light
  • Detects motion up to 20 feet away
  • Adjustable light duration from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Hardwired for max 60W brightness
  • All mounting hardware included


  • No battery-powered option
  • Hardwired installation requires wiring knowledge
  • Motion detector requires strategic positioning

Comparable Options
Here are a few comparable outdoor motion sensor wall lights to consider:

  • Heath Zenith Twin Head Motion Sensor – Similar style and size but costs $25 more
  • Lithonia Lighting Motions Sensor Lantern – Comparable detection but more utilitarian look for less
  • Signature Garden Motion Sensor Wall Lantern – Nearly identical fixture for $20 more
  • Sunco Lighting Motion Sensor Wall Light – More contemporary but lower light output for $10 less

The Berlin stands out for providing a stylish design, robust features, and reliable performance for a very reasonable investment. The allen + roth brand’s competitive pricing brings this customizable motion sensor lantern within reach.

Price & Availability
The Berlin motion sensor wall lantern sells exclusively through Lowe’s for $69.98. This positions it affordably in the $50 to $100 range for outdoor fixtures with integrated motion sensors and hardwired installation. Lowe’s provides free in-store pickup and shipping for online orders over $45. So you can conveniently get this light delivered directly to your door. Lowe’s also regularly offers sales, coupons and promotions that may allow you to save more on the Berlin. Combined with the exclusive pricing, this light delivers outstanding value.


Outdoor motion sensor lights provide the best of both worlds when it comes to illumination and security. A fixture like the allen + roth Berlin wall lantern blends in beautifully with your home’s exterior. But it also adds that critical hands-free convenience of auto-activating when you or visitors approach your entry, garage or yard. After thoroughly testing the Berlin, I can confidently recommend this motion-sensing lantern for your outdoor space. The sophisticated style, reliable performance, and easy installation make it a fantastic option for any home.

With its matte black finish and seeded glass shade, this minimalist cylindrical fixture complements both traditional Craftsman and contemporary modern exteriors. The black housing disappears against dark surroundings but pops nicely against lighter exteriors. And the opaque glass provides a pleasant glow without glare. Form and function combine thanks to the precisely tuned microwave motion sensor. It reliably detects activity up to 20 feet away while ignoring debris and small animals. Adjustable settings for light duration give you more customization. And hardwired installation delivers robust 60W brightness vs lower output battery-powered models.

Installing the Berlin lantern took me under 30 minutes with the detailed instructions. Everything from mounting hardware to wiring connectors comes included in the box. The plug-and-play wires make connecting to your home’s electrical a cinch. Just position the backplate for optimal motion detection, plug everything in, and you’ll enjoy hands-free light precisely when and where you need it. I love that the light activates from multiple angles so you’re covered approaching from the front, side or even behind the fixture. And the auto shutoff prevents energy waste while extending the bulb life.

At just $70 exclusively from Lowe’s, the value offered by the Berlin lantern can’t be beat. You get an architectural fixture that blends into your home’s exterior by day but provides automatic security illumination precisely when you need it at night. And the quality construction and reliable detection system are built to last for years. Lowe’s vast retail network makes picking up this light or taking advantage of free shipping a breeze.

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal while also improving your outdoor security, the Berlin motion sensor wall lantern excels on all fronts. It adds style and convenience to your exterior lighting for an affordable price. I highly recommend the Berlin light if you’re looking for:

  • A modern black lantern housing that complements any style
  • Beautiful seeded glass shade that diffuses the glow
  • Precise microwave motion detector with 20-foot range
  • Customizable light duration from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Simple hardwired installation with everything included
  • Robust illumination from an energy-efficient 60W max bulb
  • Outstanding quality and performance for the competitive $70 price

For a stylish motion sensor wall light that delivers maximum security and value for your money, choose the Berlin from allen + roth. Its sophisticated accent lighting and purposeful motion detection provide the ideal combination of form and function. Brighten up your home’s curb appeal while deterring intruders with the Berlin motion-activated outdoor wall lantern. Get yours today exclusively from Lowe’s.

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