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Allen + Roth Blue Stoneware Dinnerware Review

Having a complete dinnerware set for both casual family meals and special occasions is essential in every home. The allen + roth Blue Stoneware 16-piece Dinnerware Set provides an attractive and versatile option for setting your table. With its reactive blue glaze and clean lines, this set can work in a variety of home decors from traditional to modern.

I recently had the opportunity to test out this dinnerware set. In this review, I’ll provide a detailed overview of the set including information on the design, quality, performance, and pricing. I’ll also share my own experience using the set day to day and whether or not I would recommend it.

Overview of the Allen + Roth Blue Stoneware Dinnerware Set

The allen + roth dinnerware set includes 16 pieces:

  • 4 dinner plates (10.625 inches)
  • 4 salad plates (8.25 inches)
  • 4 cereal bowls (6.625 inches)
  • 4 mug/bowls (12 ounces)

The round silhouette and reactive blue glaze give this set a clean, versatile look that fits with many styles. The pieces coordinate but do not match perfectly, creating an organic handmade feel. The stoneware material provides durability for everyday use.

Design Aesthetic

The relaxed round shapes and blue glaze create an earthy handcrafted look. The blue color varies slightly on each piece, ranging from a deeper navy blue to a soft sky blue. The reactive glazing process means no two pieces are exactly the same. This adds organic character while still allowing the set to coordinate.

The dinnerware has a casual peasant-style look inspired by French country pottery or Italian handmade ceramics. The soft blue hues and uneven glaze effects fit well in cottage, farmhouse, coastal, or eclectic decor styles. Those preferring a more polished look may find the inconsistencies in the pieces too rustic. However, the subtle blue tones keep it refined enough for formal table settings.

Quality and Durability

The allen + roth dinnerware set is made from thick, durable stoneware. It has some weight to it and does not feel delicate or like it would chip easily. The clay has been fired at high temperatures to create a strong ceramic material perfect for daily use.

I have used this set multiple times per week for several months without any issues. It cleans up nicely by hand or in the dishwasher. The pieces all stack neatly, which is helpful for storage. Even after frequent use, I have not noticed any scratches, chips, or signs of wear. The quality stoneware seems like it will hold up well over time.

Performance for Everyday Use

In testing this dinnerware set, I used it for all kinds of meals from quick weekday dinners to more formal weekend dinner parties. The classic round shapes work for anything from pasta to steak dinners. The mugs are great for soup or even dessert.

The stoneware does a nice job retaining heat, so food stays warmer longer right on the dinner plate. The pieces are microwave safe as well for reheating leftovers. They can go right from microwave to dishwasher for fast clean up after meals.

While dishwasher safe, I recommend washing by hand to preserve the unique glaze over time. The stoneware cleans up easily with just soap and water. Even dried on sauces seem to rinse right off.

For less formal family meals, the mix and match look coordinates without being too precious for kids’ use. Should a piece get damaged over time, it is easy enough to replace individual items. Yet the set still works for hosting friends for dinner, holidays, or other special occasions. The blue color dresses up any tablescape.

Design Details

Here are some specifics on the design details of this allen + roth dinnerware set:

  • Made from thick, durable stoneware ceramic for high quality construction
  • Blue reactive glaze creates depth and visual interest with color variations
  • Organic handmade look with uneven glaze and color differences between pieces
  • Classic round dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug shapes
  • Subtle white speckled effects throughout the reactive blue glazing
  • Smooth satin finish on the interior of pieces and slightly textured on exterior
  • Pieces feature fired on maker’s marks on underside
  • Mugs hold 12 ounce capacity
  • Dinner plates designed for 10 inch diameter setting
  • Set stacks neatly for compact storage
  • Chip resistant for everyday durability

The stoneware craftsmanship gives this set warmth and handmade character that feels special without being overly precious.


The allen + roth 16-piece Blue Stoneware Dinnerware Set typically retails for $69.98. With similar reactive glazed stoneware sets from competitors running $80-150, this set is very competitively priced.

The price point makes it accessible enough for everyday use in most households. Yet it still has a quality heirloom look. With proper care and delicate washing, this set could become a beloved staple in your kitchen for years.

It’s a great value for a complete dinnerware set including dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs. Individual pieces typically run $5-15 each depending on size. So purchasing the 16 pieces as a set is much more affordable.

How It Compares with Similar Sets

Here is how the allen + roth stoneware set compares with some other top-rated dinnerware sets in a similar blue color palette and price range:

  • Mateo 16 Piece Reactive Glazed Stoneware Dinnerware Set – $120

This set has a similar handmade reactive glazed style but only includes 12 pieces for a higher price. The allen + roth set adds in an additional mug and cereal bowl.

  • Gibson Elite 16 Piece Square Dinnerware Set – $70

Comparable pricing but the square shapes have a more modern look. Also lacks the artisan glazed appeal.

  • Corelle 16 Piece Vitrelle Dinnerware Set – $80

Less expensive than many Corelle sets but lacks the stoneware feel. Made from tempered glass for durability but shape options are more limited.

  • Pfaltzgraff 16 Piece Yorktowne Dinnerware Set – $90

Slightly higher in price, this set has a blue and white porcelain design. More elegant than earthy.

The allen + roth set holds it own against these competitors with pleasing glazed stoneware and an affordable price point. It comes in on the lower end for pricing while still delivering quality and style.

My Experience Using the Allen + Roth Dinnerware

I incorporated this dinnerware set into regular use for weekday family dinners, dinner parties, and special occasion meals over three months. Here are some of my thoughts on my experience using the set:

  • Versatile style works well for everything from pizza night to Thanksgiving dinner
  • Durable enough for frequent use; no signs of wear after months of regular washing
  • Easy to reheat leftovers right on dinner plates thanks to stoneware material
  • Clean modern look coordinates with a variety of placemats, napkins, and centerpieces
  • Organic imperfections add handcrafted charm to an everyday item
  • Only downside is hand washing is required to maintain reactive glaze over time
  • Set made family pizza nights feel a little more special and upgraded

Overall, I was very pleased with the quality, ease of use, and beauty of this stoneware set. It elevated our family dinners and held up great to daily use. I would highly recommend this set for anyone looking for casual everyday dishes with personality.

Should You Buy the Allen + Roth 16-Piece Dinnerware Set?

The allen + roth stoneware dinnerware set makes a great choice for those seeking an affordable set that can work for all occasions. If you love the look of handmade reactive glazed ceramics, this set delivers on style at a fraction of the price of artisan pottery.

The quality stoneware is built to last through years of regular dining. Yet it maintains rustic imperfection that give it warmth and character. The soothing blue color palette works well in many home decors.

I would recommend this dinnerware set for:

  • Home chefs looking for versatile dishes for everything from family meals to dinner parties
  • Anyone seeking an organic handmade look without the delicate feel
  • Those who prefer neutral dishes that add a subtle pop of color
  • Beginner cooks just building their kitchenware collection
  • Hosts and hostesses that entertain frequently
  • People who want their everyday dishes to feel a little bit special

The set is substantial enough for daily use but maintains handcrafted charm. For only $70, it’s an unbelievable value for 16 quality pieces. The allen + roth stoneware dinnerware set gets my recommendation for an affordable choice that doesn’t compromise on style or performance.

Where to Buy the Allen + Roth Blue Stoneware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

The allen + roth Blue Stoneware Dinnerware Set is sold exclusively at Lowe’s home improvement stores. You can shop for it both in-store and online.

To find it on their website, simply search for “allen + roth azul 16 piece stoneware dinnerware set.” It’s item #568436. Sets are in stock at most locations, but you can check availability at your local store online before shopping.

Lowe’s also frequently runs specials on dinnerware when you buy multiple sets. So keep an eye out for opportunities to save on the allen + roth collection. Sign up for their email list to get notified of sales or buy online and opt for in-store pickup to avoid delivery fees.

Conclusion and Rating

After thoroughly testing the allen + roth Blue 16-piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set, I give it 5 out of 5 stars. The quality stoneware construction provides everyday durability. The handcrafted style offers elegance for special occasions as well. And the affordable price point makes it accessible to any home cook.

I recommend this set for anyone seeking an organic modern look for their dining table. The stoneware dishes maintain warmth, clean up easily, and coordinate without matching. The blue reactive glazing is unique and charming.

While the imperfections may not work for those wanting uniform place settings, they provide artistic rustic appeal. For only $70, it’s an unbelievable everyday set that still feels special. From family pizza nights to holiday feasts, this allen + roth dinnerware set delivers on performance, style, and price.

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