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Allen + Roth Castine 1-Light 20.38-in H Bronze Outdoor Wall Light Review

Outdoor lighting serves both aesthetic and functional purposes for homes. Selecting the right outdoor wall light involves balancing style, illumination quality, durability, and cost. The recently released Castine Outdoor Wall Light from home improvement retailer Lowe’s exclusive allen + roth brand aims to check all those boxes with its timeless bronze design and quality construction. As a versatile outdoor lighting option suitable for covered porches, entryways, pathways, and accent lighting, this wall sconce warrants consideration from homeowners seeking to add charm and visibility to their exteriors.

In this extensive review, we will analyze the defining features, specifications, installation process, lighting performance, design, pricing, and overall value of the allen + roth Castine Outdoor Wall Light. Key factors examined include:

  • Build quality and materials
  • Style and design
  • Light output and coverage
  • Durability and weather resistance
  • Ease of installation
  • Value for money
  • Pros and cons

Read on for the complete breakdown on whether the Castine light deserves a spot next to your front door or patio.

Introducing the allen + roth Castine Outdoor Wall Light

Part of the coordinating Castine outdoor lighting collection, this wall lantern packs plenty of curb appeal and functionality into its compact bronze-finished frame. The single-light design featuring clear seeded glass and gracefully curved lines blends seamlessly into both classic and contemporary home aesthetics.

allen + roth designed the Castine fixture to serve as a stylish and enduring outdoor lighting option for covered spaces like porches, patios, and entryways. Its damp rating enables installation in exterior spots protected from direct rainfall but still subject to moisture and humidity. Die cast aluminum construction provides rigidity and tolerance for temperature fluctuations, frost, dew, and condensation. A factory-applied patina bronze finish lends the light a handsome vintage look out of the box.

With an 8.5-inch width, 10.5-inch depth, and 20.38-inch height plus decorative back plate, the Castine casts a focused yet generous beam ideal for entry door illumination or accent lighting. It ships with all necessary mounting hardware for installation on walls and eave surfaces.

Standout Features:

  • Single 100-watt maximum socket
  • Clear seeded glass shade
  • Damp-rated die cast aluminum housing
  • Aged bronze finish
  • Back plate measures 9 x 4.5 inches
  • Weighs 6.23 lbs.
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • 2-year limited warranty

Digging Into the Details and Specifications

Now let’s examine this outdoor wall light’s construction, settings, and output metrics more closely to better gauge real-world performance.

Housing Construction and Finish

As a lighting fixture exposed to the elements, stable and water-resistant housing is paramount for durability and longevity. The Castine’s die cast aluminum build satisfies these essential requirements with corrosion, friction, and weather-resistance superior to plastic or non-anodized metals. Concentrated details like the decorative finial and curved arm emerge crisp and defined from the casting mold instead of relying on extras glued or screwed on afterwards.

The gilt bronze patina applied to the aluminum mimics the darkening effect wind, sun, and rain have on aging metal over years or decades of exposure. This polished yet appropriately weathered style melds with both stately antique spaces and contemporary farmhouse or industrial motifs. Compared to painted finishes that may peel, flake, or fade unpredictably when exposed to moisture, sunlight, and extreme cold and heat cycles, the Castine’s bronze patina holds up better under real-world conditions.

Electrical Specifications

With a single socket capped by a seeded glass shade, the Castine light works with one medium-base incandescent bulb up to 100 watts or an equivalent 5-7 watt LED bulb. Combined with the bronze tone, the warmer 2700K light from an incandescent bulb aligns best with the fixture’s overall aesthetic. Choosing an LED bulb rated for enclosed damp locations will yield the greatest energy savings and lifespan up to 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent.

Die cast aluminum construction gives the Castine an integrated body without seams for water to penetrate. The seeded glass shade allows useful light transmission while obscuring visibility of the bulb itself. Suitable for 120 volt circuits, the light should be hardwired by a qualified electrician unless plugging into an existing outlet. It does not offer dimming capability.

Light Output

With a single bulb illuminating a narrowly focused area directly underneath, the Castine works best as a porch ceiling or wall accent light versus trying to brightly light up a whole entryway or patio. The seeded glass doesdiffuse glare somewhat, but the sharper directional quality still makes it more of an ambiance-enhancing fixture.

Using a 60 watt equivalent LED bulb, you can expect approximately 800-900 lumens of brightness. This casts a focused spotlight on the area 5-6 feet around and below the light. The vintage style bronze shade prevents light leakage above the fixture. Compared to non-glass designs, the translucent seeded light refraction adds a touch of unique charm.

Suggested Usage Locations

Thanks to its damp rating and weather-resistant construction, the Castine light can enrich covered outdoor living areas like:

  • Front porches
  • Rear patios and decks
  • Garage entries
  • Covered pathways and walkways
  • Accent landscaping lighting

Avoid installing the Castine fixture in areas exposed to heavy or wind-driven rain. Over time, accumulated moisture penetration could corrode connections and components not designed for fully wet areas. Clustering two or three Castine sconces together boosts overall illumination for larger entryways. The coordinated design makes mixing and matching pieces from the full Castine collection easy.

Installation Overview

Properly preparing the installation site and wiring connections determines how long an outdoor light will last. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Turn off circuit power at the breaker before beginning any electrical work
  2. Place the mounting plate against the desired install surface and mark holes for drilling pilot holes if necessary
  3. Thread building wires through the rear of the mounting plate and firmly affix plate to surface with provided screws
  4. Connect black (hot) house wire to black fixture wire, white (neutral) house wire to white fixture wire, ground wires to grounding screws or pigtail. Secure with properly sized wire nuts.
  5. Affix the fixture base to the mounting plate until it clicks into place
  6. Install light bulb, taking care not to exceed maximum wattage
  7. Turn power back on at the breaker. Test that the light works properly.

For the best lighting effect, position the Castine sconce 60-66 inches above the ground level area you want to illuminate. This puts the Seeded glass and bulb at ideal height to cast downward ambiance without glare.

Style & Design

The allen + roth Castine light’s bronze patina and seeded glass enclosed within graceful curves channels vintage styling adapted for modern homes rather than strictly historical reproductions. This versatility suits installation in period homes alongside contemporaries alike. The muted metallic hue and absence of strong directional lines give off an aged, almost organic impression unlikely to clash with its surroundings.

With its single bulb simplicity compared to sprawling multi-light chandeliers, the Castine works well next to doors and other home features without overpowering them. Thanks to smart proportional detailing, it also looks the part both on standard single story homes as well as taller ceilings.

The Castine series encompasses coordinating one, two, and three light fixtures ranging from sconces to larger hanging pendants. Mixing and matching provides ample flexibility in determining the right lighting layout and illumination strength for covered patios, porches, and outdoor living spaces.

Pricing & Value

Priced at $89.98, the Castine light delivers noticeable value at a moderate cost compared to similar damp-rated exterior bronze sconces. The sourceable name brand hardware included aids hassle-free installation. Standout features like the durable aluminum housing, aged patina bronze, and Seeded glass justify the reasonable spend.

Factoring in the 2-year warranty, sourcing lighting components like the shade, socket, and wiring locally piecemeal could easily meet or exceed the Castine’s affordable price. Choosing budget-friendly LED bulbs minimizes long term operating costs, while the robust fixture itself stays looking great year after year with minimal upkeep required compared to painted finishes.


  • Die cast aluminum housing built to last
  • Seeded glass casts charming glow
  • Aged bronze patina on trend with modern farmhouse motifs
  • Focused directional lighting
  • Damp rated for covered spaces
  • Works with common bulb types
  • Complete hardware included for installation
  • Low price point for the quality


  • Not designed for fully exposed exterior areas
  • Light output limited to about 800-900 lumens
  • Bulb not included
  • Shade allows some visibility of inner bulb
  • No dimming ability

Where to Buy

The Castine Outdoor Wall Light is sold exclusively at Lowe’s stores across the United States and online at Lowes.com. As a Lowe’s house brand, availability elsewhere is limited. Lowe’s does offer free shipping on orders exceeding $45, convenient site-to-store pickup, and easy online ordering for DIY-savvy homeowners.

Our Verdict

Delivering timeless style accentuated by smart details and durable construction, the Castine Outdoor Wall Light punches above its weight at a reasonable price point. The thoughtfully designed housing resists moisture, fading, and yellowing while letting the clear seeded glass and aged bronze finish command attention. With covered patio and entryway visibility in mind, the single socket casts precisely focused gleaming ambiance ideal for greeting guests.

Those seeking an easy-to-install and stylish outdoor lighting focal point will find it in the Castine wall sconce from Lowe’s. Clustering multiples expands the sophistication and illumination to suit larger spaces. Savvy buyers can dress up the exterior of home sweet home nicely without breaking the bank thanks to this enticing bronze beauty from allen + roth.


Outdoor ambiance and visibility need not come complex or costly. This extensive review of the allen + roth Castine Bronze Outdoor Wall Light reveals a fixture suited to amplify classic architectural details as readily as contemporary spaces yearning for a touch of craftsman-worthy charm. With strong construction capped in a handsome bronze patina, the Castine sconce makes covered porches, patios, and entryways shine gracefully.

Additional offerings in the collection enable homeowners to customize multiple light layouts to their exact needs while maintaining cohesion in the aged style. New homeowners and seasoned DIYers alike will appreciate the easy installation process with all necessary hardware included in the box. At just under $100, value seekers will be hard pressed to locate a better combination of durability, visual flair, and plug-and-play functionality.

So give your home’s covered exterior spaces the handcrafted yet engineered accent light it deserves. Pick up the Castine wall sconce at your local Lowe’s store or online at Lowes.com. Just don’t be surprised when the neighbors start getting bronze envy anytime soon!

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