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Allen + Roth Castine 3-Light 23.75-in H Bronze Outdoor Wall Light Review

Outdoor lighting serves both stylish and functional purposes for homes. The right outdoor fixtures beautify spaces like porches, patios, walkways and yard areas while also providing safety, security and visibility at night. When selecting outdoor lighting, homeowners must consider visual appeal, durability, lighting performance and features. The Allen + Roth Castine 3-Light 23.75-in H Bronze Outdoor Wall Light delivers on all counts as a top-quality exterior lighting option.

Part of the Castine collection from Allen + Roth, this handsome wall light fixture stands out with its traditional style design and bronze finish. Ideal for porches, patios and entryways, the Castine light offers charming vintage character while being weather-resistant and long-lasting. With its craftsman-inspired look and ample illumination from three bulbs, this light enhances traditional, rustic and cottage-style homes beautifully.

In this detailed review, we will examine the design, durability, lighting performance, features, installation and value of the Castine bronze outdoor wall light. Read on for a full product overview to help determine if this is the perfect outdoor lighting pick for your home.

Design and Finish

The most striking aspect of the Allen + Roth Castine outdoor wall light is its vintage-inspired design style and rich oil-rubbed bronze finish. The fixture has an urn-shaped receptacle with graceful sloping curves reminiscent of gas or candle lighting from decades past. This nod to classic style gives homes built-in charm and personality.

The Castine light measures 23.75 inches tall, 9.88 inches wide and 12.38 inches deep overall. With its generous scale and sense of presence, it makes a statement wherever installed by an entryway, porch or patio. The sloped shade stands off the wall just slightly for a three-dimensional look.

The shade is crafted from durable, weather-resistant die cast aluminum with perforated detailing and clear seeded glass panels around the middle. This allows the glow from the bulb inside to shine through attractively. The molded details and mixed materials elevate this light fixture beyond ordinary.

The oil-rubbed bronze finish has gorgeous depth and dimension that almost resembles real patina acquired over time. This aged look enhances the light’s vintage vibe. And the bronze tone complements brown, tan, cream and neutral colored homes beautifully while adding a pop of color.

Overall, the Castine light’s exceptional craftsmanship and throwback design give exteriors a touch of timeworn appeal. It suits homes with traditional, Tuscan, rustic or farmhouse motifs especially well. And it makes a gorgeous statement illuminating porches, entryways or patio areas.

Lighting Performance and Coverage

In addition to complementing home architecture aesthetically, the Castine light also provides ample illumination for outdoor areas. It accommodates three medium base light bulbs up to 60 watts max each. Three B10 torpedo-shaped incandescent bulbs are recommended for optimal performance. With three bulbs, the Castine puts out a total of 240 watts and up to 2400 lumens depending on bulbs used.

This substantial combined wattage provides wide coverage and bright light distribution. The Castine can effectively illuminate a driveway, entry walkway, front landing or spacious patio area adjacent to its location. The see-through perforated metal and seeded glass allow bulbs’ light to pass through the shade fully for reduced glare.

Light is cast in a 120-degree downward direction focused right around the fixture. The trio of bulbs ensures the illuminated area has reduced shadows or dark spots. Warm white light complements the bronze tone nicely while providing safety and visibility at night.

With its ample lighting output, the Castine functions well as a primary light source for porches or as a secondary light by garage doors or large patio areas. Wall mount the Castine 7-8 feet high where needed most. It performs well as an entry or drive light you’ll appreciate every time you come and go after dark.

Durability for Outdoor Conditions

Built to last in any outdoor environment, the Castine light fixture is crafted from weather-resistant materials. The die cast aluminum housing has exceptional structural integrity while resisting corrosion and rusting. The powder coated bronze finish won’t flake or peel from sun and rain exposure.

The clear seeded glass panels shelter the interior from dust and moisture while diffusing light attractively. The construction meets wet location standards so the Castine can withstand rain, snow, sprinklers and more. No worries about using this light in uncovered spots.

All hardware, connections and wiring are completely sealed from water. And the sturdy materials withstand impacts or jostling. With its durable housing, weatherproofing and resistant finish, the Castine light will hold up beautifully outdoors for many years. You can install it in highly exposed areas without concern. Just perform occasional dusting and upkeep to keep the fixture looking its best.

Easy Installation

Installing the Castine light fixture is designed to be quick and easy for homeowners. It comes with step-by-step instructions, all necessary mounting hardware and wire nuts for making connections. The light needs to be hardwired directly to your exterior electrical system and requires a junction box.

With included hardware in hand, you simply:

  • Turn off power supply and remove old fixture if existing
  • Mount backplate to junction box with provided screws
  • Connect wiring using supplied wire nuts: neutral to white, hot to black, ground to green
  • Mount fixture to backplate and screw in place
  • Add recommended bulbs and restore power

The whole process takes about 1-2 hours with basic tools and a ladder. No special skills are required. The Castine goes up hassle-free even for novices. And it comes with a 2-year warranty as added peace of mind. With straightforward installation and Lowe’s support, refreshing your exterior lighting with the Castine is truly simple.

Energy Efficiency & Costs

The Castine light fixture uses incandescent bulbs, which are inexpensive to purchase and replace. While less energy efficient than LED bulbs, incandescents like the recommended B10 style only cost $2-5 each. And they last 1,000+ hours for fewer bulb changes.

Operating three incandescent bulbs will result in higher energy usage than an LED equivalent. But the warm, inviting light color is worth the cost for some. Expect to pay $15-20 per year for the Castine light electricity costs depending on hours of use. This is on par with the operating costs of most non-LED outdoor lights.

While not the most energy efficient option, the Castine fixture itself is well made and built to last for years with little repair or upkeep required. So you can justify the higher bulb expenses as a trade-off. Homeowners love its vintage good looks and welcoming light quality that LEDs simply can’t match.

Pricing & Availability

The Allen + Roth Castine 3-Light 23.75-in H Bronze Outdoor Wall Light retails for $99.98 at Lowe’s stores across America or online at Lowes.com. Frequent sales and promotions often bring the price down even lower. Stock up during seasonal sales on outdoor lighting for maximum savings or when buying multiples.

The Castine light is sold exclusively through Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. Visit or order online from your nearest location for convenient pickup. Lowe’s also has bulb recommendations, additional installation supplies and outdoor wiring accessories to complete your project. Enjoy Lowe’s home lighting expertise and satisfaction guarantee for extra confidence with your purchase.


For homes seeking a touch of timeless sophistication and ample porch or patio illumination, the Allen + Roth Castine 3-Light 23.75-in H Bronze Outdoor Wall Light is a gorgeous selection. The vintage urn design with handsome bronze finish gives traditional, Tuscan, rustic and farmhouse style homes extra character. Gorgeous form meets outstanding function with its weatherproof durability, wide lighting coverage and easy installation too. Adding this light fixture creates instant ambiance and personality for your exterior spaces. For unmatched style illuminated with warm, welcoming light, the Castine light is highly recommended. Use it to enhance your home’s architecture and brighten up your outdoor living areas beautifully and practically for years to come.

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