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Allen + Roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light Review

Adding lighting to a bathroom or vanity area is an important design choice that can make a major impact on the overall look and feel of the space. The right lighting fixture provides both style and function, brightening up the space while complementing your decor. allen + roth’s Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light is an excellent option to consider for bathrooms, powder rooms, and vanities that call for a touch of traditional elegance.

With its intricate brushed gold finish and frosted glass shades, this vanity light brings a timeless transitional style to your home. The three-light design provides ample illumination for tasks like applying makeup and grooming, while the traditional shaded silhouette adds cozy ambiance. This quality light fixture comes backed by allen + roth’s reputation for affordable, trend-driven home products, making it a budget-friendly way to add designer style to your bathroom or vanity.

In this product review, we’ll examine the key features and specs of the allen + roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light. We’ll take a close look at the design and finish, brightness and lighting capabilities, installation process, price and value. Read on for the full product review to learn if this beautiful vanity lighting is right for your home.

Overview of Features and Benefits

Here is an overview of the important features and benefits of the allen + roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light:

  • Traditional 3-light design with elegant etched glass shades creates a timeless, transitional look perfect for bathrooms and vanities
  • Brushed gold finish on the backplate and steel frame has an antiqued, aged patina that enhances the traditional style
  • Frosted glass shades have a milk white hue that softly diffuses the light for a warm, cozy glow
  • Three candelabra bulbs (not included) provide a bright 1350 lumen light output ideal for grooming and tasks
  • Damp rating makes this vanity light suitable and safe for use in humid bathroom environments
  • Hardwired, dimmable design allows you to control the light level and ambiance
  • All required mounting hardware is included for quick and easy installation
  • Affordably priced under $100, a very reasonable cost for the transitional style and quality
  • Backed by allen + roth’s reliable warranty and customer service

With its excellent balance of attractive traditional design, bright and functional illumination, safety features, and affordable price point, the allen + roth Goldson vanity light is a fantastic option for bathrooms, powder rooms and vanity areas of all sizes. Keep reading for more details on how this lighting fixture delivers on design, performance, ease of use and value.

Detailed Review of the allen + roth Goldson Vanity Light

Design and Finish

One of the most striking features of the allen + roth Goldson vanity fixture is its elegantly traditional design highlighted by the beautiful brushed gold finish. The backplate and frame are crafted from steel and treated with a brushed gold patina that gives it an aged, antique look.

The design includes three cylindrical etched glass shades that extend vertically from the rectangular backplate. The milk white frosted glass of the shades provides a warm glow when the interior candelabra bulbs are illuminated. The cylinder shape and traditional shaded silhouette contribute to the timeless, transitional style that fits right in with any classic bathroom or vanity decor.

Other design details like the curved arm attachments, angular accents on the backplate, and integrated look are appealing to the eye. The backplate measures 4 inches high x 4 inches wide, keeping the footprint relatively compact. With an overall height of just under 5 inches and width of about 19 inches, this scaled-down design won’t overwhelm small vanities but still makes a statement.

The brushed gold finish is both handsome and versatile. It pairs equally well with polished chrome or brass fixtures as it does with darker oil-rubbed bronze or matte black accents. The aged patina warms up the look of contemporary bathrooms but also fits right in with traditional vintage designs. The gold tone brightens up spaces and provides a pop of illumination even when the light is off.

If you’re seeking a vanity light that delivers timeless style, transitional flair and upscale ambiance, the allen + roth Goldson version is sure to impress. Attention to design details and the beautifully executed brushed gold finish make this a showpiece that enhances any bath or vanity zone.

Brightness and Lighting Capabilities

In addition to providing transitional elegance, the allen + roth Goldson vanity light delivers excellent bright lighting capability. This three-light fixture uses standard candelabra base bulbs to generate up to 1350 lumens of light output. For comparison, a standard 100-watt incandescent bulb produces about 1600 lumens. So while compact in size, this vanity fixture provides ample illumination for tasks.

Three exposed 40-watt candelabra bulbs are recommended, giving you 120 watts of total lighting power. This brightness level is ideal for brightly lighting a vanity or sink area. The light is directed downwards, focusing illumination exactly where you need it most. Shadow-free lighting allows you to apply makeup, shave, groom hair and complete other bathroom regimen tasks with ease.

The frosted white glass shades play an important role in dispersing and distributing the light. While the interior bulbs are exposed, the etched glass diffuses their glare and harshness. The result is a warm, inviting radiance perfect for a bathroom or bedroom. This also helps reduce eye strain when standing right in front of the glowing lights.

Flexibility comes from the dimmable wiring. If you find the full 1350 lumen output too bright for the space, you can easily install a dimmer switch and adjust to your desired lower light level. This allows creating a more relaxed, ambient glow for evenings or when full brightness is not necessary. It’s also useful as bulb brightness diminishes over time.

With the ability to generate substantial task-appropriate lighting coupled with dimming flexibility, the allen + roth Goldson covers both the functional and aesthetic purposes you need in a bathroom vanity fixture.

Easy Installation and Use

Installing new light fixtures can often be an intimidating and challenging process, especially when dealing with electrical wiring. Fortunately, allen + roth designed the Goldson vanity light for quick, hassle-free installation. All required mounting hardware is conveniently included in the box. You’ll find easy-to-follow instructions that outline each installation step.

Every order includes a rectangular steel backplate that gets secured to the wall around the electrical junction box. This backplate incorporates holes for straightforward mounting. Wiring the connection involves attaching the house supply wires to the light fixture wires – black to black, white to white, and the ground. The wiring harnesses and wire nuts are user-friendly.

Once wired securely, the fixture assembly simply attaches to the installed backplate. You don’t need any special tools – just a screwdriver and wire cutters. Total installation time averages around 30-45 minutes. While a bit of electrical knowledge is helpful, the intuitive design allows even novices to successfully install this vanity lighting without issues.

Ongoing use and maintenance are also easy. The glass shades unscrew easily whenever you need to change the bulbs. Replacement 40-watt candelabra bulbs are inexpensive and widely available. You can turn off power at the switch before replacing bulbs as a safety precaution. Just take care handling the glass components to prevent any cracks or breakage.

Overall, the allen + roth Goldson vanity light keeps installation and use refreshingly uncomplicated. The easy-to-manage size coupled with the detailed instructions allows DIYers to handle the entire process with confidence.

Safety and Durability

Safety and durability should also factor into any electrical fixtures, and this allen + roth vanity light delivers reassuring performance on both counts.Safety starts with the ETL safety listing, meaning the light complies with accepted product safety standards. This rigorous evaluation covers factors like fire and electrical shock hazards, as well as structural stability. The damp rating denotes this fixture is approved for the humidity and moisture levels found in bathroom settings.

Durability stems from the choice of solid steel for the backplate and frame. The metal construction provides rigidity and strength not found in plastic fixtures. The finishes are baked on for extra longevity and resistance to tarnishing. And the frosted glass shields the internal bulb from direct exposure to moisture, preventing premature failure.

The total weight of over 4 pounds gives this vanity light a sturdiness that prevents swaying or leaning over time. Small details like silicone gaskets to prevent rattling enhance the impression of lasting quality. Of course, the 3-year warranty provides extra peace of mind. But barring any defects, this allen + roth light fixture should provide many years of reliable performance.

Just take care when cleaning to avoid damaging the finish or glass components. Use only a soft dry cloth or very mild soap and water to wipe down external surfaces periodically. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives. With proper care, the durable steel and glass construction will maintain its beauty and function.

Pricing and Value

One of the most impressive aspects of the allen + roth Goldson vanity light is the price and overall value. This beautifully designed three-light fixture currently sells for right around $90 from Lowe’s and other major retailers. For a transitional lighting fixture with smart details like brushed metal finishes, etched glass, and durable steel, this price point is quite reasonable and budget-friendly.

Vanity lighting with similar classic shaded styles and designs often sells for $150 and above from specialty lighting showrooms and high-end catalogs. But the affordability and wide availability of this allen + roth model puts the same elegance within reach of many more homeowners. It provides an accessible opportunity to add a touch of designer sophistication.

At just $90, this fixture costs about the same as a basic bare-bones strip light from home improvement stores. But the styling and added ambiance of the Goldson model makes it worthwhile to spend just a bit more. When you factor in the easy installation, dimmable performance, durable construction and attractive luminance, the value proposition becomes even stronger. Plus, buying this vanity lighting as part of a coordinated allen + roth collection unlocks additional savings.

For shoppers seeking to add stylish transitional vanity lighting on a moderate budget, the combo of pleasing design and reasonable cost offered by this item makes it a compelling choice. The value is strong enough to recommend buying two or three of these lights to install throughout a master bath or powder room suite. At under $100 per light, you can afford to light up multiple spaces while maintaining a cohesive upscale look.

Pros and Cons

Here is a brief overview of some of the pros and cons of the allen + roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light:


  • Traditional shaded design with etched glass creates attractive transitional style
  • Brushed gold finish is on-trend and enhances the vintage appeal
  • Provides ample 1350 lumen brightness for vanity and grooming tasks
  • Dimmable wiring allows adjusting light level as needed
  • Easy installation with included hardware and instructions
  • Damp rating makes this fixture bathroom-safe
  • Sturdy steel construction ensures durability for years
  • Very affordable pricing under $90


  • Traditional look may not appeal to some contemporary tastes
  • Glass shades require careful handling to avoid cracks and chips
  • Candelabra bulbs tend to have a shorter lifespan than LEDs
  • Light distribution is focused downwards, not much ambient lighting
  • Wall switch dimmer needs to be purchased separately
  • No ENERGY STAR certification or LED bulb options

The pros seem to easily outweigh the few minor cons for the allen + roth Goldson vanity light. Traditional design lovers will appreciate the aesthetics, performance and price point of this fixture. The main drawbacks relate to the glass fragility and lack of LED technology. But the candelabra bulbs emit a beautiful warm glow in keeping with the overall style. Weighing all the factors together, this lighting earns high marks for design, function and value.

Where to Buy the allen + roth Goldson Vanity Light

The allen + roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light is sold exclusively at Lowe’s stores and on Lowes.com. Lowe’s has showrooms across the United States and Canada, so chances are very good you’ll find one conveniently nearby. You can also easily order this fixture on their website and have it delivered to your home.

Lowe’s frequently runs sales and promotions both online and in stores. Sign up for their newsletter to receive alerts about any discounts on allen + roth lighting and home products. Be sure to check for any possible current markdowns on this specific vanity light model before purchasing.

Buying this fixture as part of a coordinated allen + roth bathroom collection is another good way to maximize value and savings. Create a cohesive transitional style by pairing this vanity lighting with complementary medicine cabinets, mirrors, bath accessories and wall fixtures from the matching collections. The total cost for an entire suite of home products will still fit comfortably within most remodeling budgets.

For shoppers looking for a competitively priced source on this great-looking transitional vanity lighting, Lowe’s is definitely the ideal retail choice. Take advantage of their wide available inventory, accessible locations, online convenience, frequent sales, bundled collections and top-notch customer service.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on this in-depth review, the allen + roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light emerges as a winning choice for affordably elevating a bathroom or vanity area with timeless sophisticated style and bright, functional performance.

The thoughtful design details like etched glass shades, brushed metal accents and traditional silhouettes come together to create enduring transitional flair. This versatility pairs equally well with vintage or contemporary spaces. The ample 1350 lumen illumination makes grooming, makeup and bathroom tasks easier, while the dimmable wiring provides customized control. Everything about the scaled dimensions and finishes feels made to last for years of daily use.

When you factor in the reasonable pricing, included hardware, damp rating safety assurances, and the trusted allen + roth brand reputation, deciding on this vanity lighting becomes an obvious choice. For creating a cohesive suite, be sure to browse the coordinating collections of bath accessories, mirrors, cabinets and more. With the complete designer suite, your bathroom can take on a luxurious style well beyond the affordable investment.

For consumers seeking a timelessly elegant bath lighting upgrade that won’t bust their budgets, the allen + roth Goldson 18.77-in 3-Light Brushed Gold Transitional Vanity Light very pleasingly delivers on all counts. The combination of pleasing aesthetics, functionality and value make this fixture a recommended winner.

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