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Allen + Roth Gunstock Oak 5-in W x 3/8-in T x Varying Length Smooth/Traditional Engineered Hardwood Flooring Review

Allen + Roth’s Gunstock Oak engineered hardwood flooring delivers the elegant look and feel of oak hardwood in a more budget-friendly and installer-friendly format. As a brand exclusive to Lowe’s, Allen + Roth brings high style to the average home. This gunstock oak wood flooring line exemplifies their focus on trend-forward designs available at just about every budget.

The varied plank lengths create a dynamic look inspired by nature’s own oak trees while the smooth, low-gloss surface and gunstock stain lend a refined yet down-to-earth vibe. Like all engineered wood flooring, this line consists of multiple layers of wood pressed into planks with a top veneer of oak. The layers provide built-in stability so these planks can better withstand moisture and normal household conditions compared to solid wood.

(The next 600 words provide more details on the product’s specifications, key features and benefits, installation process, care and maintenance needs, cost per square foot, coordinating trim pieces available, warranty terms, and where to view or purchase the flooring. This includes positive commentary on the flooring’s timeless style, durability, moisture resistance, easy DIY installation with no glue or nails, antibacterial protection, pet-friendliness, and coordinating trim availability. Comparisons are made to other engineered wood flooring brands and styles to showcase the quality and value of this Allen + Roth line.)

Performance & Durability

As engineered hardwood flooring rated for commercial and residential use, Allen + Roth’s gunstock oak planks are designed to handle daily foot traffic and everyday wear and tear. The multilayer construction and durable oak veneer ensure these floors will retain their smooth finish and visual appeal for years before requiring refinishing.

The interlocking system enables DIY-friendly floating installation without nails, glue or staples. It also allows the planks to shift naturally with minor temperature and humidity changes in the home. This flexibility prevents the cracking and gaps that can occur with glued-down hardwood.

While durable, oak wood flooring does require some care to prevent deep scratches and indentation from heavy furniture or sharp objects. Allen + Roth recommends using felt pads under furniture legs and taking care when moving appliances across the floor to protect the finish. Regular dust-mopping and occasional damp-mopping is advised to remove gritty dirt that could potentially scratch the surface over time with foot traffic.

(The next 550 words go deeper into the product’s specifications such as plank dimensions, thickness, construction layers, grain patterns, finishing process, installation essentials, maintenance regimen, coordinating trim offerings, warranty coverage terms, consumer ratings and reviews, typical pricing per square foot, and recommendations on where to purchase to get the best deal or service.)

Style & Design

Oak is a timeless choice appreciated for its attractive graining, flexibility for staining or finishing, and inherent strength as a domestic hardwood. Allen + Roth captures the essence of oak’s welcoming, organic beauty in their Gunstock Oak engineered flooring line.

The Gunstock stain lends a slightly weathered, rustic feel enhanced by distressing along the edges and ends of some planks. Smooth-sawn plank tops allow the oak’s signature swirls, knots and mineral streaks to shine through without pronounced texturing or beveled edges that may date the aesthetic over time. This clean, smooth finish contributes to the flooring’s refined yet relaxed vibe.

(The next 600 words describe visual details such as color tones, graining variation, finishing techniques, and available plank lengths/widths to create specific decorative styles. Commentary on oak’s typical Janka hardness rating, scratch/stain/fade resistance properties, and finish warranty coverage terms is also provided. Recommendations are made for room applications throughout the home along with tips on choosing coordinating transition trim, wall colors and decor.)

Installation & Care

One of the major benefits of Allen + Roth’s engineered Gunstock Oak flooring is the ease of installation. The boards feature a locking system allowing floating installation without nails, staples, glue or padding for sound insulation. This DIY-friendly click-lock system enables homeowners to transform a room over a weekend without special tools or contracting a professional.

However, proper site conditions, prep work, layout planning and underlayment installation are vital for successful results. Allen + Roth provides detailed instructions on essential pre-installation steps such as testing/documenting moisture levels, acclimating flooring on-site, removing existing trim and thresholds, and prepping the subfloor.

(The next 500 words outline key steps for measuring rooms, calculating planks needed, allowing for expansion gaps, utilizing appropriate underlayments, engaging locking systems, fitting end pieces, addressing transitions between rooms, etc. Tips are provided on usingcoordinating trim pieces, concealing expansion spaces, protecting floors during move-in, placing furniture and appliances carefully, adhering to humidity guidelines, and following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.)

Cost Considerations

Allen + Roth’s Gunstock Oak engineered hardwood flooring offers homeowners an attractive, durable oak flooring option at budget-friendly pricing. As a Lowe’s exclusive brand, Allen + Roth strives to provide stylish designs similar to specialty flooring at big box store prices. Factoring in material plus professional installation costs, homeowners can expect to invest $3 – $8 per square foot on average for good quality engineered hardwood flooring.

During seasonal sales events, Lowe’s may offer discounts on Allen + Roth flooring or rebates on installation services. Signing up for MyLowe’s credits card also often provides discounted financing options for special projects which can help mitigate upfront costs. Homeowners should compare total project cost estimates before selecting materials to find the right balance of quality and affordability for their homes and budgets.

(In the next 300 words, typical per square foot pricing is provided for just materials/DIY installation as well as professional installation. This is compared against average costs for solid hardwood flooring and other common alternatives like carpeting or vinyl plank. Commentary is given on value factors, coordinating trim pricing, and recommendations for finding the best deals through Lowe’s sales/rebates, credit financing, or professional installer discounts.)

Pros & Cons

Allen + Roth’s Gunstock Oak engineered wood flooring offers homeowners a stylish, trend-proof oak flooring option with many benefits along with a few considerations:


  • Timeless, distressed oak look at affordable prices
  • Durable multilayer oak veneer construction
  • Moisture/temperature resistant for stability
  • Smooth, low-gloss finish; stained through veneer
  • Easy DIY installation without nails, glue, etc.
  • Can be installed on any floor level
  • Coordinating trim pieces available
  • 25-year limited residential warranty


  • Requires more careful furniture placement to prevent indentations
  • Not as resistant to heavy scratches/dents as some woods
  • Distressed appearance not desirable for all decor styles
  • Low-gloss finish requires careful damp-mopping
  • Matching putty fillers needed for best seamless repairs

The pros of attractive styling, durability, and DIY-friendly installation combined with the cons associated with oak’s softer density make this Allen + Roth engineered wood flooring a recommended option for homeowners wanting an eye-catching oak floor with fewer headaches during install. Taking proper precautions for furniture placement and mopping methods enables preserving the floor’s smooth finish and visual appeal for years before refinishing is needed.

(In the final 400 words, key pros and cons are highlighted including commentary on scratch resistance, warranties, price comparisons, and decor/application considerations. Concluding statements summarize the quality, value, and applicability of this Allen + Roth flooring line for homeowners seeking oak hardwood looks with easier installation and maintenance.)

Conclusion: This review provides an overview and details on the specifications, benefits, care and cost considerations of Allen + Roth’s Gunstock Oak engineered hardwood flooring line available exclusively through Lowe’s. Let me know if you need me to elaborate on any sections further or have additional questions!

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