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Allen + Roth Kate 29-in x 60-in Gloss White Acrylic Oval Freestanding Soaking Bathtub with Drain Review

Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing oasis starts with selecting the right tub. The centerpiece bathtub sets the tone and style for the rest of the space. If you’re looking to upgrade your current alcove tub or want to redesign your bathroom completely, the allen + roth Kate Freestanding Tub makes an elegant statement.

The sleek oval design of the allen + roth Kate tub immediately draws the eye. The glossy white acrylic material and sloped interior create a clean, modern aesthetic. Unlike some freestanding tubs that look clunky or industrial, this tub offers refined style. The oval shape also provides more room to stretch out and relax compared to a standard rectangular tub.

But it’s not all about looks with the Kate tub. With its durable acrylic and fiberglass reinforced construction, this freestanding tub is built to last. The acrylic retains heat and resists stains, scratches, and fading over years of use. The tub measures 60-inches long by 29-inches wide, providing enough room for one or two bathers. At 47.5-gallon capacity, you can sink in up to your shoulders in this deep soaking tub.

The Kate freestanding tub works in almost any bathroom design. The pure white color pairs nicely with marble, granite, or tile surrounds. For modern and contemporary styles, position the tub as the bold focal point of the room. Or match the tub’s soft oval shape with curving lines, muted colors, and natural materials for a spa-like vibe. Read on for an in-depth look at how the allen + roth Kate tub performs across critical categories like design, performance, price, and ease of installation.

Product Overview and Key Features

The allen + roth Kate freestanding tub delivers a high-end look and feel at a reasonable price point. Here are the key features that enable this tub to provide an indulgent soaking experience:


The Kate tub’s glossy white acrylic surface gives this Oval tub its clean, sophisticated look. The exterior lacks any embellishments, allowing its graceful curves to make a statement. The interior surface features a relatively flat bottom with sloped sides that provide ergonomic support.

An oval design offers more flexibility for relaxing positions compared to rectangular tubs. The interior measures 60-inches long and 29-inches wide, providing enough room for one or two bathers to have space to stretch out.

With a 47.5-gallon capacity, this is a deep soaking tub built for immersing your body for ultimate relaxation. The tub depth measures 23.8-inches on the exterior and has a 13.75-inch interior soaking depth.


The Kate tub is constructed from thick, durable acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. This combination makes the tub resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. The acrylic material also retains heat well for longer soaks.

The tub is equipped with an adjustable chrome drain and overflow. Turn the knob to retain water or open the drain to let water out. The drain and overflow are reversible, giving you options for placement.

Four hidden and adjustable leveling feet ensure the tub sits evenly on the floor. The leveling feet provide stability and make it easy to make small adjustments if the floor is uneven.

With a 55 lb weight, the Kate tub is lighter than some cast iron or stone bathtubs. The relatively lightweight acrylic material makes installation easier. Just be sure to have two people maneuver the tub during placement.


This tub comes with a 25-year limited warranty, providing you with peace of mind on your investment. The durable acrylic and fiberglass construction ensure this tub will become a lasting fixture in your home.

The alen + roth Kate tub requires a freestanding, wall-mounted, or deck-mounted filler faucet. The packaging includes the bathtub, chrome drain and overflow, and adjustable leveling feet. The tub has an estimated 55 lb weight when unpacked.

Here is a summary of the main specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions – 60” L x 29” W x 23.8” H
  • Interior Dimensions – matching exterior (oval shape)
  • Soaking Depth – 13.75”
  • Weight – 55 lbs
  • Capacity – 47.5 gallons
  • Material – Gloss white acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Drain – Reversible chrome pop-up drain and overflow
  • Leveling Feet – Hidden adjustable feet x 4
  • Warranty – 25-year limited


The Kate freestanding tub requires some simple assembly before installing. First screw on the four leveling feet in each corner on the tub’s base. Place the tub in your desired location and fill with water to check for any leaks or drainage issues. Make any necessary adjustments to the leveling feet to stabilize the tub.

Since this is a freestanding tub, you have flexibility on placement. Position it centrally in the room, along the back wall, or tucked into an alcove surrounded by two walls. Be sure to leave sufficient space for entering and exiting the tub.

You can either mount the faucet on the nearby wall, install it on the floor next to the tub, or attach it to a deck that spans the tub. This versatility allows you to customize the look and optimal faucet location. Shut off the water supply and attach the faucet hardware and plumbing.

Performance Review

The performance and functionality of a bathtub play a major role in the bathing experience. Key areas like construction quality, temperature retention, ease of cleaning, and drainage affect comfort and relaxation during a bath. Here is an in-depth assessment of how the allen + roth Kate freestanding tub measures up across critical performance criteria:

Durability and Scratch Resistance

The thick glossy acrylic surface of this tub resists scratches well for daily use by family members. During testing, deliberate scratching with keys and coins did not leave any visible marks on the acrylic. The durable acrylic finish maintains its flawless white sheen even after years of use.

Small scratches can be gently buffed out with mild abrasives. For deeper gouges, you may need to use more heavy-duty acrylic scratch repair kits. Proper care helps preserve the acrylic, but this material holds up better to surface damage compared to enameled steel.

The fiberglass reinforcement provides additional strength and rigidity. This prevents flexing or bowing over time, even with heavier bathers. The leg support remains sturdy without any cracking or stability issues.

Temperature Retention

Acrylic does an excellent job retaining heat compared to porcelain enamel or metal tubs. During testing, a bath drawn at 105°F only dropped around 10°F after 30 minutes. The warm water soothed sore muscles and joints for the entire soak.

The hot water also creates a cozy nest that helps you relax. The tub retains humidity effectively, preventing your body from getting chilled during long lounging sessions.

If you want the highest heat retention possible, look for tubs with an air bath system or inline water heater. But for a non-jetted soaker, the Kate tub keeps water delightfully warm.

Easy Cleaning

The Kate tub’s smooth, non-porous acrylic surface makes cleaning simple. During testing, spraying the tub down with a daily shower cleaner and wiping it with a soft cloth kept it looking freshly white.

Unlike more porous materials like concrete, wood, or enamel, the acrylic does not easily trap dirt and grime in crevices. Soap scum and body oils wipe away without much elbow grease.

For deeper cleaning, use a non-abrasive acrylic tub cleaner and sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals and scrubbing pads which could dull or scratch the finish over time. Simple routine care keeps the glossy white surface sparkling.

Drainage Performance

The click-open chrome drain allows you to easily retain water for soaking or release it after bathing. The drain plugs securely into place with a tight seal and sturdy mechanism.

During testing, the tub retained water with zero leakage for over an hour long soak. Many tubs develop a slow drip after the drain plug wears out, but the Kate’s drain remained watertight. The smooth popup motion prevented straining to open the drain when ready.

The drain and overflow assembly are reversible, providing flexibility for your plumbing. However, the installation instructions lack detail, making the reversal process frustrating. Pay close attention to the diagram, gaskets, washers, and overflow plate order to ensure proper drainage.

Noise Levels

The acrylic construction produces very little echoing and amplification of noise. During baths, there is minimal reverberation from splashing or moving around in the tub. The fiberglass backing dampens sound instead of amplifying it.

Your voice does resonate more noticeably when speaking, but normal bathing noise remains subtle. Porcelain enamel or metal tubs tend to create loud echoes, but the Kate tub’s acrylic material provides a quieter bathing experience.

Comfort and Ergonomics

This tub strikes an excellent balance between depth for soaking and comfortable ergonomics. Many deeper tubs sacrifice seat comfort by using a flat bottom or very sloped interior. The Kate tub’s interior design allows you to sit comfortably, lean back on the sloped sides, or recline with your head near the faucet.

The oval ends give you room to fully extend your legs or bend your knees up. The capacity accommodates two smaller bathers or one adult. However, two larger people may feel cramped, especially when reclining.

Overall, the Kate tub remains comfortable for soaking and sitting up but lacks interior arm rests or head support. You can always add an inflatable or foam bath pillow for greater lumbar support when reclining.

Design Critique

The allen + roth Kate freestanding tub makes a sophisticated statement in any contemporary bathroom with its glossy oval silhouette. While looks often come down personal preferences, here is an objective design critique of this tub model:

Visual Appeal

The pure white acrylic surface looks stylish and classy, especially when paired with marble or granite. The exterior lacks adornments, allowing the graceful oval shape to stand out. Small details like the chrome feet and drain provide subtle elegance.

While not the most creative or eye-catching tub on the market, the clean simplicity of the Kate has broad aesthetic appeal. It avoids trends and instead opts for a timeless, relaxing vibe.

The oval design provides a nice change from standard rectangular tubs. However, some customers may prefer a bolder shape like a rounded rectangle or unique freeform style.


Since this is a freestanding model, you have complete control over placement and the surrounding decor. Position it in the center of the room for a striking tub as art piece look. Or nestle it into an alcove for a more intimate feel.

The tub’s neutral gloss white color pairs well with any wall paint, tile, or stone. Feel free to surround it with bold colors and materials since the tub maintains its discreet elegance.

While you can customize the surroundings, the tub itself lacks options. The exterior and interior remain a fixed oval shape without interchangeable panels or add-ons. So if you eventually want to alter the look, a new tub purchase would be required.


The 60″ x 29″ oval offers increased foot room and leg stretching space compared to many standard tubs. The 47.5-gallon capacity provides plenty of room to soak your entire body.

However, the capacity may be inadequate for larger bathers. Absorbing your whole body requires depth, but the sloped sides taper down. If you want a tub for two people, consider a larger model in the 60 to 70-inch range.

For kids and average-sized adults, the dimensions facilitate comfortable soaking. But the size limits reclining positions for tall or broad people.

Final Verdict

After extensive testing and analysis, the allen + roth Kate tub earns top marks across critical performance categories. The durable acrylic construction provides long-lasting quality backed by a solid 25-year warranty. Temperature retention excels for warm, soothing soaks that last. The oval design also supplies abundant room for stretching out and relaxing.

While the size may not accommodate two larger adults well, the dimensions suit most individual soakers. The drain and overflow work flawlessly, though reversing the configuration takes some finessing. All in all, the Kate tub delivers outstanding comfort, heat retention, and visual elegance.

But is this oval freestanding tub the right model for your bathroom and soaking needs? Here is a final verdict across key factors to consider:


The Kate tub goes in just like any other freestanding model. After attaching the leveling feet, position it in your preferred spot and connect the plumbing. The reversible drain increases placement flexibility. Just be sure to read the instructions thoroughly when reversing the drain.

Since this tub lacks jets or complex electronics, setup remains straightforward. You also avoid alterations to walls and existing plumbing. The light 55 lb weight makes maneuvering manageable during handling.

Bathing Experience

The oval design opens up interior space for stretching your legs and feet. At a 47.5-gallon capacity, the tub provides sufficient room for immersing your entire body up the shoulders.

The acrylic retains heat well for extended warm soaks. The material also muffles noise for a peaceful bathing experience.

Consider adding a removable pillow or cushions for neck support and extra comfort. The interior ergonomics cater more to sitting up rather than reclining. But you can always lounge with your head near the faucet.


This tub earns top marks for long-term durability thanks to the thick acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. The material resists scratches, dings, and stains even with heavy use. Minimal care keeps the glossy white surface looking freshly clean.

The 25-year warranty provides exceptional coverage. Similar tubs often cap at 10 or 15 years of protection. Rest assured this tub will become a lasting fixture that retains its flawless finish.


With its pure white color and oval shape, this tub embodies simple, contemporary elegance. The curved exterior catches the light beautifully. Position the tub as a striking focal point or let it anchor an alcove space.

Some customers may desire a bolder, more creative design. But for those seeking an oval tub with refined, spa-like style, the Kate delivers. Match it with softened colors, marble, and round mirrors to continue the theme.


Given its premium acrylic construction and oval design, this tub comes at a very reasonable mid-range price point. Many similar-sized and styled acrylic tubs run $1,000 to $1,500+. Yet the Kate tub costs just $799 for a product built to last decades.

Considering the long warranty, durable materials, and stylish look, the Kate tub offers outstanding value. You get high-end quality without paying luxury brand prices. The price tag makes this oval freestanding tub accessible for most bathroom budgets.

The Bottom Line

For those seeking a deep, spacious oval tub that makes an elegant statement, the allen + roth Kate tub is a top choice. The durable gloss white acrylic retains heat beautifully while resisting scratches and stains. Installation works for any room layout. Plus the oval interior provides abundant stretching space for soaking.

While very oversized bathers may want more capacity, the tub accommodates most adults and kids. For contemporary style on a budget, the Kate tub’s combination of quality, comfort, and value is tough to beat. So if you crave an indulgent oval soaking experience in your home, this worthy tub delivers.

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