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Allen + Roth Medicine cabinet 22.5-in x 27.5-in Fog Free Surface Mount White Mirrored Soft Close Medicine Cabinet Review

Having adequate and functional storage space in the bathroom is essential for keeping toiletries organized and out of sight. Medicine cabinets are a bathroom staple that provide hidden storage behind the mirror. However, they are often an afterthought in bathroom design. The allen + roth 22.5-in x 27.5-in fog free medicine cabinet delivers style and storage with its shimmering mirrored door and generous interior space.

The allen + roth brand is exclusive to Lowe’s Home Improvement and is known for offering elegant designs at affordable prices. This surface-mounted medicine cabinet provides a beautiful mirrored facade that complements any bathroom aesthetic. The generous 22.5” width x 27.5” height allows for ample storage space inside the cabinet for all your bathroom toiletries.

Installing or upgrading a medicine cabinet is one of the easiest ways to add function and beauty to your bathroom. This cabinet can be surface mounted on virtually any wall with the included hardware. The adjustable shelves and reversible door allow for custom placement. Keep your sink area tidy and toiletries hidden but easily accessible with this well-designed medicine cabinet.

Overall Performance

The allen + roth medicine cabinet delivers reliable performance and convenience. The cabinet is durably constructed from moisture-resistant MDF with a painted white finish. The sturdy frame ensures the cabinet remains securely closed. Magnetic closures keep the door firmly shut when not in use.

Inside there are two adjustable tempered glass shelves that slide smoothly along integrated tracks. This allows you to customize the storage layout based on the height of your items. The shelves cleanly hold all your toiletries, medicines, and bathroom essentials while keeping them organized and dust-free.

One of the best features is the fog-free mirrored door. An anti-bacterial, anti-fog coating prevents the mirror from steaming up, even in humid bathroom environments. The door always maintains crystal clear reflection, which is essential for grooming and applying make-up.

Tool-free assembly makes installation straightforward either on your own or with a helping hand. Detailed instructions and all necessary hardware are included. The cabinet surface mounts securely to the wall through the integrated frame. Overall, this medicine cabinet delivers premium performance that belies its reasonable price point.

Design & Hardware

This medicine cabinet oozes with transitional style that pairs well with any decor from modern to traditional. The sleek white finished frame provides crisp lines with subtle beveled detailing on the door frame. This gives dimension and sophistication.

The generous proportions at 22.5-inches wide by 27.5-inches high make both a bold statement and allow for ample interior room. The surface mount style gives a built-in, custom look once installed on the wall. This makes it an ideal upgrade for builder-grade bathrooms needing a touch of elegance.

The high-quality silver mirrored door features a clean, streamlined design. It reflects light beautifully to make the room feel bright and spacious. When closed, the mirrored front seamlessly blends with the rest of the wall. The integrated finger pull allows the door to gently swing open for access.

Inside, two adjustable tempered glass shelves provide excellent durability and easy cleaning. The shelves glide smoothly along tracks to customize placement as needed. Convenient features like the fog-free coating, magnetic catch door closure, and adjustable shelves demonstrate this cabinet’s thoughtful design.

Overall, the transitional style with clean lines and a bold mirrored surface upgrade the look of any bathroom. The surface-mount frame has an integrated appearance on the wall with all hardware neatly concealed. The high-end amenities make this medicine cabinet a functional and decorative focal point.


This versatile surface-mount medicine cabinet comes in a standard width of 22.5 inches and height of 27.5 inches. The depth is a slim 4 inches to avoid protruding far off the wall. The generous rectangular proportions maximize storage space without dominating the room.

Crafted from moisture-resistant MDF wood with a painted white finish, this cabinet is built to last in humid bathroom environments. The frame features clean lines and beveled detailing on the door surface for a touch of elegance. All hardware is concealed inside the frame for an integrated look.

The reversible mirrored door can swing left or right based on your installation placement. It includes a hidden magnetic closure to keep the cabinet securely closed when not in use. An anti-fog coating ensures the mirrored surface remains crystal clear, even in steamy bathrooms.

Inside, two adjustable tempered glass shelves smoothly glide up and down along integrated tracks. This allows you to customize the placement as needed for taller bottles or items. The shelves provide excellent durability and easy cleaning.

All necessary hardware, instructions, and fasteners are included to facilitate DIY installation. The cabinet surface mounts directly to the wall through the built-in frame. Professional installation is also an option if desired.

Other highlights include the integrated finger pull, concealed hinges, LED lighting capability, and 1-year limited warranty. This cabinet comes ready to provide concealed bathroom storage with a touch of modern luxury included.

Pros & Cons

This allen + roth medicine cabinet deserves serious consideration for your next bathroom storage upgrade. Like any product, there are both advantages and drawbacks to weigh.


  • Sleek transitional styling complements any decor
  • Generous 22.5W x 27.5H size provides ample storage
  • Fog-free mirrored door remains crystal clear
  • Surface mount frame has custom built-in look
  • Easy install with all hardware included
  • Reversible door swings left or right
  • Two adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • Shelves glide smoothly along integrated tracks
  • Concealed hinges and hardware
  • Magnetic door closure for secure storage
  • Moisture-resistant MDF construction
  • Painted white finish is easy to clean
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • No built-in lighting or electrical outlet
  • Shelves are glass rather than solid wood
  • Door lacks soft-close mechanism
  • Not compatible with Alexa or other smart systems
  • Professional install recommended for proper mounting
  • No towel bar or hooks included
  • MDF material susceptible to swelling from moisture
  • Fog-free coating effectiveness may decrease over time
  • Not designed for recessed installation

Overall, the visually appealing design, generous storage space, and convenient features make this an excellent medicine cabinet. The minor drawbacks mainly relate to lacking some premium accents like lighting. However, the quality craftsmanship and performance are superb, especially considering the reasonable price point.

Where to Buy & Installation

The allen + roth 22.5-inch x 27.5-inch fog-free medicine cabinet is sold exclusively at Lowe’s home improvement stores across the United States. The standard price is $149 before taxes and delivery fees.

This popular cabinet is stocked in most Lowe’s locations, especially in higher traffic areas. You can confirm local availability on the Lowe’s website and choose in-store pickup or delivery. Delivery is free for orders over $500. Professional Lowe’s installation can also be scheduled for an additional cost.

If installing the medicine cabinet yourself, make sure to carefully follow the included instructions. You will need a drill, level, stud finder, tape measure, and basic tools. Select a wall location that has studs to ensure secure mounting. Properly locating and marking the studs is crucial before drilling.

The cabinet frame fully overlaps the wall cutout opening. This allows surface mounting directly to the wall studs through the side and top frame using the included hardware. Take care to keep the cabinet level during installation. Use shims if necessary to adjust for any unevenness in the wall surface.

For a built-in custom look, use silicone caulk around the perimeter edges of the frame where it meets the wall. Use low-voc water-based polyurethane to touch up and seal any screw holes or gaps. Finish by sliding in the adjustable shelves and admiring your gorgeous new medicine cabinet!


In conclusion, the allen + roth 22.5-inch by 27.5-inch surface mount medicine cabinet is a superb storage solution for bathrooms. The generous mirrored facade and storage capacity upgrade both form and function.

Transitioning from a basic builder-grade medicine cabinet to this elegantly framed and mirrored cabinet immediately boosts the aesthetic. The sleek white finish adds a touch of sophistication while the spacious mirrored door brightens up the whole room.

Yet the improvements go far beyond just looks. The cabinet is durably constructed from moisture-resistant MDF to withstand the humid bathroom environment. Features like the fog-free mirrored door, magnetic catch closure, and adjustable shelves add luxury and convenience that belies this product’s reasonable price point.

Storing toiletries scattered around the bathroom counter looks cluttered and feels disorganized. This cabinet neatly conceals everything while keeping items easily accessible. The two adjustable glass shelves can be positioned to fit the exact heights needed.

Lowe’s exclusive allen + roth brand focuses on delivering refined designs at affordable price points. This cabinet costs just $149, including all necessary hardware for installation. The quality and performance rivals models double the cost or more.

For any bathroom needing added storage with a touch of transitional elegance, the allen + roth medicine cabinet delivers. The generous size, beautiful silver mirrored door, and clever amenities make this cabinet a stunning yet functional addition.

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