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Allen + Roth Phoebe 1-Light 50.47-in Black LED Flush Mount Light Review

Adding a new light fixture is one of the easiest ways to update any room in your home. The right lighting can transform a space, making it feel more modern, cozy, or stylish. For those looking to upgrade their lighting with a contemporary yet versatile flush mount light, the allen + roth Phoebe 1-Light 50.47-in Black LED Flush Mount Light is an excellent option to consider.

Overview of Key Features

This LED flush mount light has several notable features that make it stand out. First, the black finish and rectangular design gives it a bold, modern look that matches well with many décor styles. It has an integrated 52-watt LED that provides 4400 lumens of bright, energy-efficient light. The frosted plastic shade diffuses the light nicely for reduced glare and a soft glow.

One of the most unique features of this flush mount is the adjustable color temperature. You can choose from five color temperatures ranging from warm white (2700K) to daylight (6500K) to match your needs or preferences. It also works with most dimmers so you can create customized ambiance. Other highlights include the damp rating for bathroom use, commercial-grade quality, and 5-year warranty.

Review of Design & Hardware

The allen + roth Phoebe flush mount has an attractive, contemporary design that makes a statement but still works with a variety of home décors. The light rectangular fixture measures 50.47 inches by 12 inches and has a low profile that sits just 3.5 inches from the ceiling. The end caps, hardware, and sturdy plastic body have a durable black matte finish that resists showing fingerprints or scratches over time.

Because of the large, horizontal shape, this LED ceiling light fixture gives the appearance of looking like two small separate lights placed near each other when installed. While quite large overall, the low-profile rectangular shape does not dominate a space or overwhelm a room. The unique shape and proportions add visual interest and set this flush mount apart from more traditional circular or square flush mount lights.

The installation hardware is easy to work with and provides some flexibility for getting the perfect alignment. The kit includes mounting brackets that attach to standard junction boxes as well as support cords to precisely adjust the height and angle if needed. The plastic fixture has integrated LEDs and weighed under 7 pounds, so it can be supported with standard drywall anchors and screws into a ceiling without any special reinforcements.

Overview of Light Quality

With an impressive 4400 lumens and color rendering index of 90, the Phoebe LED flush mount produces high quality, vibrant light for a fixture without a glass shade. The frosted plastic helps diffuse the light evenly across the entire large surface, preventing intense hotspots under the light. This also creates a nice even glow and reduced glare, making it comfortable to have in bedrooms or living spaces.

The five adjustable color temperatures give users significant control over the ambiance and feel of the light. The warm white 2700K setting has a traditional incandescent bulb look, while the bright cool daylight 6500K simulate natural light. This variety lets you shift from an inviting living room environment to an energizing office-like light in the same space. Using a compatible dimmer provides even more ways to customize brightness and mood.

Review of Special Features

In additional to customizable performance, the Phoebe flush mount LED light has several other beneficial special features. First, the entire unit has a damp location rating and weather-resistant construction, allowing it to work well in high humidity areas like bathrooms. The plastic body, end caps, and hardware resist corrosion, especially when combined with the enclosed LED design.

This light is also ETL certified and Energy Star rated. These certifications indicate that the Phoebe meets safety, efficiency, and quality standards for lighting products. Choosing an Energy Star fixture means lower energy bills and environmental impact over time compared to less efficient lights. It also qualifies for energy rebates and tax incentives in some utility districts.

Plus, the Phoebe LED flush mount light is made by allen + roth, a brand exclusive to Lowe’s that focuses on high quality materials and workmanship. This light has a 5-year warranty, showing confidence in the longevity and durability expected from a commercial-grade fixture built to withstand daily use. Overall, the certifications and brand reputation provide peace of mind.

Evaluating Performance & Brightness

With its sleek 52-watt LED light source and frosted rectangular plastic shade, the Phoebe delivers very good performance and brightness for this style of flush mount ceiling light. The LED component uses just a fraction of the energy of equivalent incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, yet still outputs over 4400 lumens of light. This qualifies the Phoebe as a high efficiency fixture.

In a typical bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen installation, the Phoebe produces sufficient illumination for general ambient lighting. The diffused glow from the frosted rectangular shade fills the surrounding area without being overly bright or harsh. The large, horizontal light surface disperses illumination widely throughout the whole room. Most users will be satisfied with the light levels for everyday use.

Those wanting to use this as a primary light source above tasks like kitchen countertops or makeup vanities may wish to pair it with an additional task light. The soft, diffuse nature from the frosted plastic does not concentrate intense lighting over a small surface area. However, the high lumen output and adjustable color temperature still allow customizing it for brighter, whiter light when needed. Using the 6500K daytime setting creates the most intense illumination for working.

Comparing Price and Value

With an MSRP of $139.98 exclusively at Lowe’s, the allen + roth Phoebe sits at the higher end of flush mount LED lighting fixtures. Yet when considering the integrated smart features like color adjustable performance, damp rating, and 5-year warranty, it delivers very good value. Choosing a budget fixture may have lower upfront cost but not include these extras that enhance quality and convenience over years of use.

The Phoebe costs significantly less than designer flush mount LED lights with similar specifications and features from boutique lighting showrooms. When compared to other LED fixtures of the same 50-inch size, style, and output, the Phoebe flush mount is actually very competitively priced. The combination of performance, design, and smart features makes investing a little more worthwhile for a light fixture intended to stay in place for years. Those wanting an affordable but stylish large rectangular flush mount will find excellent overall value from the Phoebe.

Where to Buy the Phoebe Flush Mount Online

The allen + roth Phoebe 1-Light 50.47-in Black LED Flush Mount Light is sold exclusively at Lowe’s stores across the United States and Lowe’s official website, Lowes.com. Lowe’s frequently runs sales, promotions, and coupons that can drop the price lower at times. Be sure to check both the product listings online and in your local store showroom.

The Phoebe should be available via the lighting or ceiling fans departments. An associate can also help locate the product and confirm pricing. Convenient online ordering is available on Lowes.com with options for home delivery or free store pickup. Lowe’s website also shows real-time inventory data about availability at each individual location.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The allen + roth Phoebe 50.47-inch Black LED Flush Mount Light is an excellent option for those wanting a contemporary, rectangular flush mount fixture for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and more. It truly stands out from other flush mount lights with the modern style, adjustable color modes, damp rating for bathrooms, and 5-year warranty. Plus, the competitive price from Lowe’s makes it easy to add high-end designer features without the premium price tag.

With the combination of fashionable style, smart customization modes, quality construction, and energy savings, the Phoebe is highly recommended for a stylish flush mount upgrade. It can instantly modernize an outdated ceiling fixture. The Phoebe is versatile enough to match up well with many room decors from traditional to contemporary. Finally, the great price and value from the allen + roth brand exclusivity at Lowe’s gives peace of mind for investing in this quality LED flush mount light fixture built to last for years.

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