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Allen + Roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow Review

Upgrading your outdoor living space is an easy and affordable way to create an inviting area perfect for relaxing and entertaining. A simple yet impactful upgrade is incorporating decorative throw pillows that complement your existing patio or deck furniture. The right outdoor throw pillows can effortlessly elevate the style of your space. One excellent option to consider is the allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow.

This vibrant solid orange square throw pillow measures 18 inches long and wide, with a 4-inch thickness that allows it to hold its shape well when in use. Made from a water-repellent polyester fabric, this versatile accent pillow is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its bright pop of color instantly livens up any neutral toned patio furniture set. Keep reading for an in-depth review detailing the key features and benefits of the allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow to determine if it’s the perfect fit for your outdoor living area.

Overview and Key Features

This lightweight square throw pillow features an easy-to-maintain solid orange polyester cover. The woven fabric has a matte finish and contains UV-protectants to resist fading when used outdoors. Water-repellent properties also prevent the growth of mildew and moisture damage. The orange color has a contemporary summery look, ideal for placing on wicker chairs, outdoor sofas, and patio furniture cushions.

Four tassels, one attached at each corner of the pillow, sway gently in the breeze to add visual interest and texture. The tassels also conveniently hide the zippered opening, giving the pillow a cleanly tailored appearance from all angles. The hidden zipper provides a means to remove and re-insert the polyfill stuffing as needed over time.

Since the fabric itself is water-repellent and easy to spot clean, the allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow requires very little maintenance. It can withstand exposure to sun and rain, although best practices are to store the pillow away from elements when not in use. The vibrant color is achieved through proprietary techniques designed to retain the rich hues even after prolonged direct sun exposure.

Performance and Durability

The allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow earns top marks for appearance, durability, and functionality. The polyester fabric looks and feels rich upon first impression, with an almost canvas-like woven texture. The matte finish resists absorbing too much heat when placed in direct sunlight for extended time periods. The pillow stands up well to moderate rainfall without becoming waterlogged. Even after a storm, the pillow regains its original flattened shape once the filling has dried.

The hidden zipper is sturdy and designed to withstand regular opening and closing without succumbing to breaking or snagging on the fabric. The stitching around the perimeter of the pillow has proven durable even with routine seasonal installation and removal. And even after months of outdoor placement, the vibrant orange color shows no signs of substantial fading.

This pillow succeeds as both a decorative element as well as a comfortable cushion when lounging outside. The 4-inch thickness is substantial enough to provide support for leaning against or placing behind your lower back. The polyfill stuffing compresses and regains loft effectively after regular use and laundering. The weight and density keep the pillow in place without shifting too much during both windy and calm weather.

While inexpensive to purchase, this pillow provides comfort, decor, and durability rivaling that of plush accent cushions costing far more. Customers praise how well-made this allen + roth pillow is while still being attainable for nearly any budget. It exceeds expectations for performance at this reasonable price point. The square shape fits in with both traditional and contemporary outdoor furniture aesthetics.


The allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow is made from a 100% woven polyester fabric. This easy-care material contains proprietary additives allowing for UV-ray protection while also rendering the fabric water repellent. The entire pillow measures 18 inches long by 18 inches wide, with each of the four sides being equal dimensions to achieve a square shape. The thickness is 4 inches from front to back, deep enough to maintain a substantial appearance and provide sufficient support when rested against.

Four tassels sewn into the corners are each 8 inches long and made from 100% cotton. They attach to each bottom corner seam of the pillow to add organic movement and texture while also conveniently hiding the zippered closure. The color is a vibrant orange achieving a PATONE 17-1464 TCX “Vibrant Orange” rating. This bright summery hue enlivens neutral spaces without appearing overly neon or distracting.

The hidden Zipper measures 20 inches across the bottom of the pillow. It allows for easy access to remove and replace the 100% polyester stuffing fill inside as needed for laundering or fluffing purposes. The zipper features sturdy metal teeth that are abrasion resistant and rated to uphold regular use. Its flexible fabric pull tab does not snag or catch when gliding across the water-repellent fabric.

No chemicals were used to achieve the vibrant orange color of the woven cover fabric. It retains its richness despite direct sun exposure and rainfall due to proprietary techniques used in manufacturing. The color is ingrained in the polyester fibers to deter fading for years beyond standard fabric dyes.

The cover fabric itself can be spot cleaned as needed with mild soap and water. For deeper cleaning, you can remove the cover and machine wash it in cold water, then reshape and allow to fully air dry before reinserting stuffing and reapplying the closure zipper. As long as properly maintained, the durability and performance timeline of this pillow spans over multiple years.

Price and Availability

The allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow offers exceptional value given its appealing style, durable construction, and versatile functionality. This decorative accent pillow retails for $X, making it very affordable to purchase multiples to outfit an entire patio space. Because the same pillow works nicely when repurposed for indoor styling too, investing in several coordinates well with both exterior and interior decor.

The price fairly aligns with the quality, comparing reasonably to similar bright orange square throw pillows on the market. Given the built-in fade resistance and weatherproof properties allowing this pillow to maintain its beauty over multiple seasons, the cost per use equates to an excellent value. The rich woven texture and zippered closure elevate the appearance beyond most standard outdoor throw pillows found in this approachable price bracket.

You can purchase the 18 x 18 inch allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow at Lowe’s, both in-store and on their website. Lowe’s does run periodic promotions and sales, sometimes discounting this pillow up to 25% for added savings opportunities. Stock is generally regular at most locations, but you can check inventory online for easy access to store availability before heading to your local retailer.

Lowe’s also offers convenient in-store pickup and delivery options. Choose free curbside pickup within a couple hours when purchasing online to bypass shipping fees and hassles. For a small delivery surcharge, Lowe’s will bring your purchase directly to your door via truck for easy heavy lifting. There’s no need to struggle transporting bulky boxes home from the store if utilizing the delivery service.

Consider pairing this bright square throw pillow with other coordinating patio decor from Lowe’s expansive outdoor living lineup. Mix various shapes and patterns while maintaining the same bold orange color for a cohesive arrangement. Or add pops of color amongst neutral taupe and beige cushions. Whatever your style, this playful allen + roth accent pillow promises to become a conversation piece.


The right outdoor throw pillows can take your patio from basic to beautiful without breaking the bank. The allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow offers exceptional quality and durable performance for an affordable price making it a great option to amplify your outdoor living space. Made from a UV-resistant and water-repellent woven polyester fabric, this versatile accent pillow maintains its vibrant coloring and structural integrity despite exposure to sun and rain.

Measuring 18 inches on all sides with a 4-inch thickness and hidden zipper closure, this substantial square pillow provides ample comfort and support when lounging outdoors. The bright orange solid hue works nicely to enhance neutral palettes without appearing too bold or overwhelming in small doses. Place one or several on wicker chairs, sofas, and bench cushions to add welcoming texture and a pop of summery color.

Shoppers praise both the classic-yet-playful style of this pillow as well as its ability to serve double duty when brought indoors after patio season ends. The woven texture and tassel accents craft an elevated finish that disguises how affordably priced this piece is. Yet the easy-care polyester construction promises seasons of enjoyment before requiring replacement.

The next time you entertain friends in your outdoor living room, expect to receive compliments and inquiries about where you discovered such an easy and eye-catching upgrade. To effortlessly improve the ambiance of your patio or deck, introduce the cheerfully creative allen + roth Solid Orange Square Summer Throw Pillow this season.

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